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John Smith

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Movie Playback Software and Installation Guide

The folowing software will enable your computer to playback almost any modern video file format available today specially the High Defenition Blu-Ray Rips available today. Please note there are some requirements as you will see below.
The following popular formats (containers) will moslty work: MKV, avi, divx, xvid, mp4, mpg, mpeg, ts, m2ts, mov, rm, rmvb, vob and many others.

NOTE: This guide was tested to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8* Basic playback also works on Windows XP but check hardware requirements also thumbnails may or maynot work it has gone untested.
Microsoft Windows 8 is still in early alpha/beta stages. All the software was tested to work on the following build number (8284.0.winmain.120216-1840) I cannot guarantee succesful playback on any other release for windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: CoreAVC Works correctly but MPC:HD and haali media splitter do not load so everything crashes! Plays back with stutters in Windows Media Player but no audio/subtitle track changes possible.

Overall System Requirements

Software Requirements:

- Windows Playback Only!
- Linux: you should be smart enough to figure this out on your own.
- Mac: You have way too much money to waste so get an apple store representative to figure it out for you.

Main Codec Packages:

  • Fully updated DirectX
  • CCCP: Combined Community Codec Pack
  • CoreAVC (recommended not required)
  • Thumbnail previews:
  • LAV Splitter / Decoder
  • Icaros Thumbnail Provider
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • Win7 DSFilter Tweaker
  • Package Download:
  • Contains all the software required in one single zip file but not all up to date.
  • [ Download ]
  • Hardware Requirements:

    10 Bit Playback:

  • Quad Core Processor - Intel: Q6600 or better AMD: Phenom X4 or better
  • Ram: 2GB
  • 8 Bit Playback: (usually default)

  • Pentium 4 or equivalent for low rate 720p playback any Dual Core CPU for any 1080p playback
  • For DXVA (hardware decoding) [ Wiki ] any dedicated graphics.
  • Storage:

  • Large Harddrive suggested for Blu-Ray movies
  • High video rate movies in 1080p take about 15-25GB each
  • Lower video rate movies take between 4-10GB each
  • Setop Boxes: 8bit playback only

  • WDTV Live or WDTV Live HUB [ Homepage ]
  • Popcorn Hour [ Homepage ]

  • Completed: 60%

    Lots of things to do still. Still a work in progress


    De Testing

    Installation & Settings


      Step 1: Microsoft DirectX Updates – Required


      Microsoft DirectX Homepage: [ Direct X ]
      Downloads: [ Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2 ]

      Warning: If asked to install any toolbar or browser make sure to UNCHECK the option!


      Download the installer and run through the setup:

      Step 1: You will get the EULA read? and accept.

      Step 2: You will require an active internet connection to continue - it will show you the amount of data it will require to download just hit next when you are online.

      Step 3: Wait while it downloads and installs...

      Step 4: Setup complete the installation just hit the FINISH button for the installer to close and go to Step 2:CoreAVC & Install and Settings (optional).


      Step 2: CoreAVC & Install and Settings (optional)


      CoreAVC Homepage: [ CoreCodec ]
      Download: [ Mirror 1 ] [ Serial ]
      Price: $12.95


      Step 1: Run the installer and read the eula + agree to continue

      Step 2: This page shows info on NVIDIA graphics it is safe just to hit next.

      Step 3: This page shows info on ATI/AMD graphics it is safe just to hit next.

      Step 4: This page requires you to put in the serial number you got when you purchased CoreAVC look real hard through the page.

      Step 5: Choosing components — make sure you uncheck Haali Media Splitter and all the components under it!

      Step 6: Here you can choose to use just for yourself if computer is setup with multiple users or everyone it is safe (best) to just leave it for all users.

      Step 7: Wait for it to install and hit the complete close button.

      Step 8: After closing the installer this window will popup Personally I like to turn on "Use Tray Icon" but everything can be left as is. Hit OK and go to Step 3: CCCP Installation & Settings


      Step 3: CCCP Installation & Settings – Required


      Combined Community Codec Pack Homepage: [ CCCP ]
      Download: [ Recommended Version ] [ Latest Stable Version ] [ Beta Download Page ]
      Recommended Version: Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-BETA-2011-10-05


      Step 1: Run the installer [ IF YOU DID NOT UPDATE THE DIRECTX IT WILL GIVE AN ERROR GO BACK TO STEP 1 ] (notice im installing a beta version I will keep this guide up to date with the latest "stable" either release or beta channel)

      Step 2: Select the location you want all the files to be installed on (if unsure just hit next)

      Step 3: Select the FULL INSTALLATION and hit next.

      Step 4: Under what folder name do you want it to show up on the start menu (or not) if you dont care just next.

      Step 5: Additional Task – Make sure both of these options are selected and hit next.

      Step 6: Ready to install – a quick overview of what you selected to install; next to continue.

      Step 7: Make sure both of these two are selected and hit Next.

      Step 8: Installer is finished.

      Step 8: After installer exits this popup will come up (if not go to start menu and find CCCP Settings. Under Alternative H.264 Decoders select CoreAVC (If installed on step 2) else just hit next.
      [NOTE: If your system uses SPDIF to output sound this is where you configure it]

      Step 8: Under File Association select Media Player Classic Home Cinema – Hit Apply to close the window if you wish to display thumbnails go to Step 4: LAV Splitter ⁄ Decoder (optional for thumbnails)


      Step 4: LAV Splitter ⁄ Decoder (optional for thumbnails)


      LAV Filters Home Page: [ LAV ] [ Google Code ]
      Download: [ Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2 ] [ Mirror 3 ] [ Mirror 4 ]
      Note: When the option is given grab the INSTALLER which contains both x86/x64 bit versions.


      Step 1: Run the installer and hit next.

      Step 2: Choose where the files will install to and hit next (or leave alone and hit next)

      Step 3: Leave everything checked on and hit next.

      Step 4: Start Menu location just leave alone and hit next.

      Step 5: Make sure Matroska/WebM is checked (should be by default) along with everything else and hit next.

      Step 6: Overview of the installation – Hit Install.

      Step 7: Just hit finish after the installer runs (do not open anything)


      Step 5: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (optional for thumbnails ⁄ required for Icaros in next step)

      This step can be skipped unless you wish to install it before hand.
      [ Web Installer | Full Installer | Be sure to run Windows Update! ]


      Sorry I have not been able to run the installer by itself guide soon to come! safest way is just to skip onto the next step.


      Step 6: Icaros Thumbnail Provider (optional for thumbnails)

      Icaros Thumbnail Provider [ Home Page | Local Download ]
      Windows Update after .NetFramework 4.0


      Step 1: Run the installer and hit next.

      Step 2: Read the agreement and accept -> Hit next

      Step 3: File destination and hit next

      Step 4: If you wish to create a desktop shortcut (deafault leave unchecked) next

      Step 5: Overview and it will check if you have .NET Framework 4.0 Full installed and if not it will launch the installer for you. Click Install.

      Step 6: .NetFramework Click yes to install.

      Step 7: Wait while the .NetFramwork installer downloads and installs all the components for you.

      Step 8: When everything completes make sure launch IcarosConfig is checked on and the README checked off.

      Step 9: With the config window open enter the following on the optional file types ".avi;.flv" (without quotes duh) and hit Activate Icaros.

      Step 10: With Icaros activated it should look like the following: when done just close it with the top right X


      Step 7: Win7 DSFilter Tweaker (optional for thumbnails)

      Win7 DSFilter Tweaker [ Home Page | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Local Download ]


      Step 1: Open Win7DSFilter Tweaker and select Preferred decoders.

      Step 2: The following window will pop up – Under H.264 (on both 32 and 64 bit side if available) select LAV Video when done hit Apply & Close

      Step 3: Exit the Filter Tweaker app and you should see thumbnails now on windows explorer if not restart the computer
      (if everthing failed but playback is ok i recommend leaving it alone or restarting at the begining of the guide)

    Playback Information


      Selecting subtitles and audio track (when available)

      Content goes here


      Playback video and audio out of sync

      Content goes here


      x.264/h.264 10bit vs 8bit

      Content goes here